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Norman Rockwell


What is more important than capturing a moment, creating a beautiful image, telling a story that moves someone? The tears of a mother when you created that piece that will hang on her wall for the next 20 years, there is nothing that gives me greater pleasure.

As a photographer I'm asked all the time what do you like to take pictures's simple...


"I've always wanted to shoot something that meant something



Simply we want to create custom art that will become your "wall." Growing up mom had a long hallway to her bedroom, on this wall were random images and portraits of all of us. There wasn't a day that went by that we weren't reminded of "family." We knew we were together and at the end of the day we would be there for each other and mom and dad were there for us. We knew this because it was there, we were reminded of family. Some of the images were ones taken by mom and dad but many were portraits, mom understood why all of us needed to be reminded that we are there for one another. It's this simple life lesson that lead me to this moment, that lead me to the passion of creating moments that remind us truly what matters the most.


Original Portraits - Lasting Memories - Intensity - Passion - Love


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You've spent 17 years getting to this point, hours and hours of practice, miles and miles of travel, tears of joy and disappointment. What has been the passion that has not only driven that senior, that boy becoming a man or the little girl becoming a woman. Let us consult with you and your child to create a timeless image that not just defines a moment but also a passion something that has helped instill in them a way of life. Our Extreme Senior art pieces will last a lifetime in your home!